Thrifty long term parking AND rain
Yeah, that's fog
At the beginning of the Cherohola Skyway
Two Wheel Inn
Day 1: What Were We Thinking?
(Sunday) Chattanooga, TN to Robbinsville, NC

OK, so it's raining while we are unloading the bikes in Chattanooga, but the weatherman said it was supposed to clear up this afternoon. You KNOW where this is going! We really don’t
mind because we’re here to do some riding. After all we came too far for a little moisture to get in the way; words that will haunt us later in the day.

OK GPS, lead us on! Power it up, select the route and ride; does it get any better than this. Yeah, probably without the rain .... and fog .... and drivers in MY lane .... but we’re
motorcyclists not posers.

Our route takes across the Cherohola Skyway to Robbinsville, NC. My wife bought me finger squeegies from the Aerostitch catalog and they work very well in the fog (as long as you can
keep them on your finger).

When we hit Robbinsville we are wet and cold; it is a perfect day for "Wendy's" chili. Of course the timing for getting out of the saddle was just about right also.

With chili warming our insides (and heated grips warming my hands) we then head south for several miles and drop our luggage off at the
Two Wheel Inn. Now it’s off to Deals Gap;
remember it is still raining and riding gear is getting wetter (if that's possible).

Since we've traveled almost 1000 miles to get here we have to pick up the "required" goodies (you know...T-shirts, stickers AND license plate frame. What, again, is required?). Even
though it raining pretty well, there are a lot of bikes. We load our goodies into the saddle bags and then head back to the hotel 20 soggy miles away.

Two Wheel Inn staff kept us up to date with tomorrow's weather conditions; it's supposed to clear up but get colder. This hotel is really set up for motorcyclists; each room has it's
own MC garage. This is really cool .... but not in a temperature way!