Day 2: Where's Amanda

Ah, the sky is clear BUT the temperature is a little on the "cool" side; last night the expected overnight temperatures dropped from the upper 40s to the upper 30s. Remember those wet
gloves from the day before; yeah, we do too.

Game plan for today: do "The Dragon" (good start for the day) and then ride to Gatlinburg to have breakfast with Duane's sister, Amanda. From there we will meander our way to
Waynesville some 230 miles from our starting point.

We start our days early, we're at Deals Gap before 8AM but those wet gloves begin to get a little cold (that's called an UNDERSTATEMENT) on the trip from Robbinsville. I had a remedy,
turn on my heated grips .... to high. But to show I'm a compassionate to Duane's misery, I turned the grips to low, then back to high. I'm not an idiot!

When we got to "The Gap" I loaned Duane a set of
dry gauntlet gloves I had in the saddle bags (and how much am I bid for these gloves????) then it's into "The Dragon". Funny thing
about Deals Gap before 8AM, there's nobody on the road; we saw 2 cars going the other way but there was nobody clogging up our lane.
Rock and Roll!

Pancakes and coffee are just waiting for us in Gatlinburg. Also, I also have yet to figure out why Duane's sister would drive an hour to see Duane. After all, it is Duane. Our running comment
for the rest of the trip was "Where is Amanda meeting us for breakfast today?".

When we get back on the road there are cars with Florida plates clogging up the roads all over the place. OOOOHHHH a curve; quick, panic stop! Creep through the curve then ....
accelerate. An extreme twisty road in Florida is a freeway exit ramp so this must just terrify them.

Slicing and dicing through the "blue hairs" and interesting back roads we get to Waynesville about 8 hours later. After one particularly twisty road, with a lot of gravel in the middle of the 25
mph corners, Duane raises his face shield and says "I want my Mama"! It was our running joke and very appropriate at the time.
  • Highway 215 heading north out of Rosman is very entertaining!