St. Goar:

This is a little village along the Rhein River. We stayed in a fun little B&B run by the family Knab. They have their own winery so we had to try the wine, it was very good!

This makes a great place to take a boat ride up or down the Rhein. We really liked the train system for getting back quickly. It's typical efficient German where you can just about set your
watch by when they arrive at the station and when they leave.
The view from our bedroom window with
the fortress on the hill and grapevines in
the valleys. The fortress is lit up with
spotlights at night.
Flood marker in
St. Goar

First place where the American Army crossed the Rhein River into Germany during WWII was across the railroad
bridge (now a museum).
Nice little village just south of St. Goar on the Rhein River. We took the train from Koblenz to Bacharach then a boat to St. Goar. This is a pretty part of the Rhein.
On the Rhein
This is the Pfalz Castle built IN the Rhein.  It's there to collect taxes, from passing ships, to help fund the castle
Castles: they are EVERYWHERE on the Rhein!
Ah, the train station. Probably the most effecient way to travel IF the trains are going where you want to go!
This was our first view of the Rhein. After a 10 hour flight this was our reward. It's relaxing just to watch the barges going up and down the

OK, enough of that, let's go find a CASTLE! Wait, isn't that one across the river?